Greenwood's Therapeutic Horticulture C.i.C.

& Rural Activities

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born...

Joanne Greenwood, Managing Director, created the idea; of therapeutic horticulture, which is a therapy using the medium of horticulture/gardening to provide a release and respite from the day to day life of a child living with a disability.

Joanne has carefully developed a way to incorporate the national curriculum into the therapy which allows the child to be able to develop his/her skills within the environment which suits them best.

The Directors

Joanne, has been able to achieve what she has over the last 7 years with the help of her twin sister, Amanda who is also the financial director and Matthew, who is the third director. The company is very family based, which we feel provides a safe and warming environment for children and families at a time of need.

Our First Employee

Harriet joined the business in 2009, trained and developed ways to get the best out of each child. She often works on a one to one level with the children, is qualified in sign language, total communication, epilepsy and first aid. She has also trained in marketing and promotion.

Harriet is working  as a sport massage therapist in her spare time. She hopes to specialise in mobility and children.

Biggest Achievement
So Far

Our children's biggest achievement is the development of communication from no speech to sign language, use of picture reference cards and the development of language.

We are constantly looking to expand into new avenues and have recently developed a new area: art therapy within the project. This alongside the rural activities and animal therapy has enabled our project to take a new leap forward since this time last year. We have recently worked with the Zurich Challenge Team to develop our site to become more sustainable and accessible for our users

Development of newer pastures

We are currently fundraising to build our new site which will allow us to meet the demand of children and families wanting to use all areas of the business including making a safe accessible environment around the animals to provide a unique rural based animal therapy. We are aiming to raise £30,000 for the build to take place.

We already have 3 days secure with Zurich to refurbish  the existing buildings as well as kit out the new classroom/ changing room and therapy room.